We put the health and safety of our cats and people first, so that visitors can enjoy the place with absolute peace of mind.  To keep both yourselves and our feline companions safe and happy, we do have some rules to take note of.

All patrons are expected to follow these rules to be able to enter the cafe. 

1.  All patrons must sanitise their hands before entering the cafe. 
2. When interacting with our cats, please do not pick them up or carry them.  Do not push or pull them back or pull their tails.
3. Do not disturb the sleeping cats. 
4. All children under the age of 12 must be supervised by an adult. NO unattended children. 
5. Do remember to keep your volume down; Cats dislike loud noises.
6. Do not share your food to the cats and do not leave your food unattended.
7.  The cat equipment is for cats only, please prevent adventurous children - or adults - climbing on them.