Avocado Creamy Coffee
Tiramisu Coffee
Cinnamon Coffee Latte
Cocoa Mocha
Coconut Americano
Cold Brew Coffee (24 HR Brew)
Espresso (one shot)
Extra shot Espresso
Flat White
Iced Black Lemon Honey Coffee
Salted Caramel Macchiato
Butterfly Pea Strawberry Dragonfruit milk
Smores Dip chocolate milk
ChaTraMue Thai Milk Tea (Gold Label)
Change of Milk
Coca-Cola Can
Coke Zero can
Fresh Milk
Honey Lime Soda
Iced Lemon Tea
Matcha Coconut
Matcha Honey Lemon
Matcha Latte
Namthip Water (bottle)
Passion Fruit Soda
Peach Strawberry Soda
Schweppes Tonic can
Side of Milk
Singha Soda (Bottle)
Sprite can
Twinings Tea
(Side) Avocado Half
(Side) Baby Mix Salad
(Side) Baked Spinach with Cheese
(Side) Baked beans
(Side) Boiled egg
(Side) Cheese
(Side) Chorizo
(Side) Ciabatta one slice
(Side) Scramble egg
(Side) Smoked Bacon
(Side) Smoked Salmon 30g
(Side) Sourdough one slice
(The Brewing Project) ANAN DDH HAZY IPA